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We Read...You Listen...We ALL Decide
                    We read, you listen, we ALL decide.
                                  ... An educated citizenry, a civil discoursea more perfect union.

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We lead busy lives.  We have our work, our families, our homes and our communities. Any time left to read legislation? Legislation that will directly impact you, your families and communities. Few do. 

We are working voice actors, leading those same busy lives -- but we are donating our time, committed to making it possible for you to hear the Health Care Bills now before Congress and Senate. We do this so that you can make an informed decision. Armed with specifics, you can then speak to your representatives empowered with the facts that make your opinion an educated one -- one with weight.

We are each of us, from different political backgrounds, philosophies and regions of the country. We have no agenda other than to make it easier for you to know exactly what our lawmakers are proposing.  Download the audio of this bill, and listen to it as you would an audiobook, whenever it's convenient for you.

The greatest chance we have to keep our country great and strong is for us to be an educated, informed and active citizenry. To get the primary source knowledge that we all must have to make our choices, together. 

...a more perfect union.

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