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Chairman's Mark - America's Healthy Future Act of 2009 (Senate Bill)

Modifications to the Chairman's Mark; "America's Healthy Future Act of 2009" Audio

This is the Chairman's Mark of the health care reform bill, "America's Healthy Future Act of 2009" introduced by Senator Max Baucus in the Senate. This bill has been Modified and will continue to be updated on this site. A chairman's mark is a recommendation by committee (or subcommittee) chair of the measure to be considered in a markup, usually drafted as a bill. It is not the final version of the proposed bill. We have also recorded the modifications to the Mark, as accepted and dated September 22, 2009.

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  i  Title I E  Title I G Pt V   Title I H
 Title III A Pt III  Title III D  Title V
  ii  Title I F  Title I G Pt VI   Title I I  Title III A Pt IV  Title III E  Title VI
 Title I A  Title I G Pt I  Title I G Pt VII  Title II A  Title III B Pt I  Title III F  09/22/09 Approved Modifications Pt 1
 Title I B   Title I G Pt II 
 Title I G Pt VIII  Title II B  Title III B Pt II  Title III G
 09/22/09 Approved Modifications Pt 2
 Title I C   Title I G Pt III  Title I G Pt IX  Title III A Pt I  Title III B Pt III  Title III H  09/22/09 Approved Modifications Pt 3
 Title I D   Title I G Pt IV  Title I G Pt X  Title III A Pt II  Title III C  Title IV  09/22/09 Approved Modifications Pt 4

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